Unfinished content, Mysteries and Controversy

Things such as unfinished content give the viewer or reader something to think about, it drives someone to think twice about how something was done. This can apply to all sorts of media.

Unfinished content can bring up-rise to things like theories to figure out what is going to happen or what they think happens. Unfinished content could also be inviting viewers or readers to give their on twist on content, this is unlike theories because the creator is asking for it rather than the viewer.

Mysteries about the start of media text have rapidly spread in the time of spreadable media. Media can spread very fast through different media platforms and it often takes away the actual intentions of the media. People do not really know what some intentions of media texts are so it becomes a mystery.

Mysteries can be used by communities to help content creators as well! Content creators of media texts can challenge the viewer to interact with them and help them solve an issue or problem.

This can be used to online experimenting to advertise something which is for the the viewers and readers to find out. We need to stop and think for a second what is the original motive of the production and make sure to not over think things.

Moving on to timely controversy, something interesting I got out of it that I never really thought of is bad things over media such as intense disagreement can be help spread media like wild fire. For good and bad you can make money.

Timely controversy is covered by the press and public all the time and this just helps spread the content and spread disagreement.

“controversy refers to the ways that material may spark intense disagreement among those who encounter it.”

His tweets sparked some serious disagreement. James Gunn, directory of Guardians of the Galaxy was fire from making the second movie because all of his tweets from years ago resurfaced, and there were some tweets much worse than the one above.

The resurface of his tweets started intense disagreement from the community on whether he should’ve been fired or not. This controversy was very timely because it was after the first movie came out a huge success and everyone was all about Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel.


Fantasies, Humor, and Parody

Shared Fantasies, Humor, and parody and references is a huge part of advertisements and the media

Starting with shared fantasies, it immediately made me think of fan fiction. I like fan fiction to an extend whether it be a game of thrones cinematic or theories of peoples fantasies or wishes for a TV show. Fantasies help community members spread their wings and escaping from their constraints, its personal expression and enables new possibilities!

Something important I got out of from learning about fantasies is that fantasies are purely fan or community based content, it helps the viewer express.

While doing content on humor, whether it be a commercial or a simple tweet you need to make sure its obvious that it is a joke and wont be taken out of context. It needs to be something the is ready and wants to hear. Putting humor into what you are doing shows that you know the community you are interacting with.

A great quote that helps explain the idea of humor is “a joke expresses something a community is ready to hear; an insult expresses something it doesn’t want to consider”.

Parody and references can be considered producerly and have different meanings and interpretations.

Humor is built off of references, whether it be a real life reference or a reference from a video game or TV show it can be parody. Parody can be express shared experiences, especially when its shared off of a common history.

“Parody combines that aspect of humor with a specific shared reference”

South park is a hilarious show and is one of the kings of parody. At the time this episode was made everyone got the reference because they were making fun of the most popular YouTube videos of the time. This clip combines aspects of humor with references of that time which was about 10 years ago.

Producerly Text

Fiske drew a huge distinction between mass culture and popular culture.

Mass culture being produced and distributed on a large scale, popular culture being texts media which have been integrated meaningfully into the live’s of people. Texts medias are more apt to produce some more meaning than others? This leads us into Producerly Text

Producerly text offers itself up from popular production. From what I understand and got out of it, is that it can be enjoyed on many leveled and accessed easily too. Producerly text is kinda confusing to understand, its explained as allowing viewers to read material against their own backgrounds and experiences. It is open for interpretation.

An example of Producerly text would be the news, we can draw upon our own feelings and experiences to form an opinion on certain things going on in the world.

Material that is open for interpretation like producerly text could also be a bad thing for a company

Companies avoid creating producerly texts. “Making material that is open for interpretation leaves the control of meaning out of their hands”. This basically means they could lose control of the meaning of their media. This shows us that the creators of content could lose meaning of their creations.

Viral Success

If a company needs media success why don’t they just think of something themselves?

In a products success content creators can make viral success happen, which almost guarantees the success of your product. Some companies help others find this viral success, an example of this would be Axe using a company called Mekanism to market their product, and it was a huge success. Not every company has the knowledge to make their product go viral, so they need some help. The book Spreadable Media shows us this.

There is a lot of uncertainty

You cant predict the success of a product. You can’t just hire a company like mechanism and instantly demand viral success and expect to make a lot of money. “uncertainty of demand is an everyday reality within the creative industries” says Richard Caves. It is hard to create content that resonates with audiences and that is relatable or approachable. There are processes that minimize this uncertainty like strategy that increases the chance of your content being able to spread.

Best simply put by Douglas Rushkoff, “Content is just a medium for interaction between people”.

Evolution of Social Media

From a user and fan of social media its quite interesting how it has changed the world we live in today.

Matt Banner has a a good perspective, and knowledge of social media in our world. He stresses that it is essential to humans and that it effects marketing.

He talks about how social media has taken the world by storm, I would completely agree with Banner. Social media has offered companies to get their services more exposure, it not only is free but allows people to find jobs as well. Reading this article at first shocked me because even I didn’t think 1.65 billion people used Facebook, that is over 20 percent of the worlds population. It makes me think, that many people have Facebook so what about twitter and Instagram?

I am very curious what social media will offer for the world in the next 10 years, will it stay the same or will it take a complete turn? Social media has evolved to something that we couldn’t even imagine in the small amount of time it has been around, I think it will amaze us for the future.

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